Thursday, 31 May 2012


I came across CHIMS somewhere on SoundCloud when I was looking for tracks for a new mix, heard one or two tracks and clicked 'Follow' because I liked what I heard, and I felt an affinity after reading his "*First off..." comment (see below).
"*First off, don't be a cunt. Don't follow me in the hopes that I'll follow you back and then unfollow me. I don't follow cunts. And please don't promote/spam my tunes with your shit. Thanks :)*"

A sentiment I'm wholeheartedly behind, because I hate when people comment on your tracks asking to check out their music, or comment without even listening to the track. SoundCloud is rapidly becoming spam central.

But apart from that, and most importantly of course, I like the tunes. 'Chillstep' is the description on most of the tunes, and it describes it pretty well. From the mellow-Burial 'Last Known Surroundings' to the ambient 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea' to more beat-driven and blissed out 'Hurry Up and Wait', all the songs have a nice chilled vibe. There's definitely something in the Scandinavian water, because that neck of the woods seem to excel at this sort of stuff.

The track below is an older one, but check the SoundCloud link underneath, because there's plenty of new stuff and it seems like there are new tracks added fairly regularly.

ChimsGrove - Hurry up and wait [Free DL] by CHIMS

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