Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Taragana Pyjarama

I'm undecided on whether or not I like the actual name 'Taragana Pyjarama'. I'm not sure on whether or not that makes me some kind of linguistic xenophobe. But one thing's certain - I very much like the music being made by Taragana Pyjarama.

Taragana Pyjarama is the work of Nick Eriksen, a Danish producer who seemingly got into making electronic music after getting bored of playing the drums in bands, which he only did anyway because his peers were better than him on stringed instruments. Well drummings loss is definitely our gain, as the music he's put out as Taragana Pyjarama has gained the attention of Kompakt, who will be releasing his debut full length 'Tipped Bowls' on 18th June.

You can stream the Original Helter Mix of 'Lo Ng' below. Click to pre-order the album from Piccadilly or Amazon.

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