Saturday, 9 June 2012


"Sammy Syphe is the man behind the face. The Wooferface."
I've recently been listening to a lot of 'Footwork' and 'Juke', mainly on SoundCloud. I'm liking the fast pace of it and how it can change from fast to slow and back, along with the the cut-up and distorted hip hop samples. I came across this guy on SoundCloud after listening to the below track in a group. Here's what his SoundCloud biog has to say:

"A drummer for many years, he has recently fueled his heavy metal urges into bass powered music. Having played alongside local and national artists from house parties to festivals, Wooferface is a heavy and high energy sound."

He's been featured on Mad Decent, Beantown Boogie, and Futuro Beat amongst others, and now obviously the amazing Track Spotter(!), and he also advises you to check out his blog posts on

Definitely a name to watch, especially as Footwork and Juke slowly makes its way into more 'popular' and mainstream DJ sets and genres become less and less strict and more varied.

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