Monday, 28 May 2012

Back once again (for the renegade master)

Power to the people!

Rip it up and start again.

Build it up (tear it down).

Soooooo, after a prolonged period of absence, I decided I'm gonna restart the old blog. Decided to leave the look pretty much as is, but wanted to scrap all the old posts and start again.

I've been coming across so much good music lately that I wanted to start sharing some of it. Plus I read about some guy who started a blog called Facebook or something and he sold it and made a bob or two and now I think he's even quit his job at Subway, so you never know, maybe I can reach those dizzy heights too. Maybe I could get so famous that I can go on Piers Morgan's TV show and he makes me cry. Maybe I can meet Justin Bieber at a party.

So come on you 4 people that have viewed this blog, SPREAD THE WORD. I wanna meet Rihanna!

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